De xinxa a 9 de Outubro de 2006 às 14:18

"- Bonjour madame la boulangère! I would like to buy a cake for "a blog" birthday.
- What a lucky blog! Is this a special occasion?
- Why yes, it is a Urban Jungle blog's second birthday!
- My my my, how time flies! I remember the blog from when it was just a little baby blog, with just a handful of posts - and now it's two years-old already?
- Yes, I am very proud for my friend Cereza, and I think it would very much like to celebrate with a cake, and all the blog friends. Something small something chocolate, something pretty something yummy! What can you suggest?
- Well, we have this chocolate and caramel cake, we have this chocolate and praline cake, we have this chocolate and green tea cake, and we have this chocolate and chocolate cake.
- Oh, they are all so very pretty and look so very yummy, it's hard to choose... what is your favorite?
- I think I like the chocolate and chocolate best.
- That sounds like a good choice by all standards, we'll have two of these, and two candles!"

And so, we put the little cake on a plate. And lit a candle. And sang a birthday song. And blew the candle. And drank a little wine. And eat the little cake.
Happy Birthday Urban Jungle!




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